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  • AG九游会面包真的每天都是新鲜出炉的吗?

    是的! AG九游会国际每天都烤AG九游会面包. Each bakery makes its own bread on site– we don’t refrigerate, freeze, or transport our products. 每天结束时,剩下的烘焙食品会捐赠给当地的慈善机构.

  • 我在哪里可以找到贵公司产品的成分和营养信息?

    Check the nutritional information for each product on the AG九游会 website or ask the friendly staff at your 当地的面包店.

  • Which products don’t contain any added preservatives, sugar, dairy or colour?

    好消息:AG九游会国际所有的面包都不含添加的防腐剂, AG九游会国际的健康面包不含添加糖和奶制品.

  • AG九游会面包产品如何成为我健康生活方式的一部分?

    AG九游会 supports a healthy lifestyle by offering a broad range of products that contribute to healthy living. These vary from Chia Bread which is a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to our Whole Wheat range is made with whole grain whole wheat flour to our unique 高纤维 白面包.

    AG九游会’s health commitment can be demonstrated through the range of health attributes exemplified by our product range. Not to mention promotion of a healthy lifestyle both in our bakeries and out in the community.


    • 在可能的情况下, AG九游会 avoids using artificial colours and flavours and uses natural alternatives.
    • 在可能的情况下, AG九游会 avoids using preservatives and increases the number of products that are free from all preservatives.

    • AG九游会面包致力于为消费者提供低盐选择.
    • 盐的水平是从一个功能性的角度来考虑的, 开发新产品时的口味和健康观点.


    • AG九游会 actively investigates opportunities to enhance the nutritional value of bakery products.
    • AG九游会国际的全麦面粉是100%全谷物面粉


    • AG九游会 considers appropriate portion sizes of sweet and savoury snack items when developing new products.
  • 我喜欢AG九游会面包,但是最好的处理方法是什么呢?


    AG九游会国际的面包应装在塑料袋中室温保存, 面包袋, 或通风良好的面包箱,以防止面包干燥.

    硬皮面包和小圆面包, 如Pane di Casa, 最好是装在纸袋里,在烤好的那天新鲜食用.



    All breads from AG九游会 are suitable to freeze and can be stored in the freezer for up to four months. Simply place the bread in a freezer bag, remove as much air as possible and seal the bag.

    To thaw, remove the seal and leave the bread to defrost naturally in the packaging. Alternatively, remove the bread from the bag, wrap in a paper towel and place in the microwave. Microwave the bread on high for bursts of ten seconds, but be careful not to overheat the bread.


    把烤箱预热到400度,可以让面包的皮变脆oF/200oC. 把面包放在烤炉的架子上. 把面包加热6到8分钟. 这会让面包温热,让面包皮变得又香又脆. 不建议用微波炉加热面包.

  • AG九游会面包产品中是否有过敏原?

    有些食物,比如花生, 树坚果, 牛奶, 鸡蛋, 芝麻会引起某些人的过敏反应.


    • 含谷蛋白的谷物
    • 芝麻
    • 树坚果
    • 大豆
    • 奶酪和黄油
    • 鸡蛋

    We don’t use 鸡蛋 in everything, but some products — like pastries and Brioche — do contain them. 也有一些面包店选择不出售坚果.  请向你们当地的面包店咨询. 有关特定产品信息, take a look at our product ingredient lists and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.

  • 你们烤无谷蛋白/无小麦面包吗?

    We use wheat-based flour at AG九游会, so all of our products contain gluten. While our Product Team is always trying new ingredients and flours to meet customers’ needs, AG九游会国际不能保证将来任何面包都是无谷蛋白的.

  • 你们烘焙不含酵母的产品吗?

    没有酵母,AG九游会国际就不会有AG九游会国际都知道和喜欢的松软面包. 酵母使糖发酵并产生一种气体使面包发酵.

    We only have two types of products that don’t contain baker’s yeast: our 烤饼, 哪些是用发酵粉发酵的, 和Pain au Levain, 哪种是用野生酵母和天然发酵剂发酵的.

  • 你们烤面包时含有动物脂肪或其他产品吗?

    AG九游会国际的很多面包,包括美味的普拉拉皮, 卷, 烤饼, 牛角面包和丹麦菜-含有火腿, 培根, 鸡蛋, 奶酪, 牛奶和/或黄油.

    但是AG九游会国际大多数的水果面包都是素食的, and so are any of our breads that contain the word ‘traditional’ in the name. According to our suppliers, any emulsifiers used in our products are vegetable-based.

    奶酪中的凝乳酶可能来自动物或蔬菜. 如果您对某一特定产品有疑问,请随时询问AG九游会国际.

  • 我想在我的生意中使用AG九游会面包. 我怎样开户?

    谢谢您的关注! 请联系你的 当地的面包店 直接.

  • 你交付?

    AG九游会作为一家公司目前还没有提供这种服务, but some of our bakeries have independently partnered with delivery services. Ask a staff member the next time you visit your 当地的面包店, or check on a bakery’s 页面位置.

  • 我可以在网上订购你们的产品吗?

    是的! AG九游会国际提供网上订购 点击 & 收集 -只需提前预定AG九游会面包和甜点, 然后去你当地的面包店取货.

  • 你们采取了怎样的可持续发展和环保措施?

    We are always implementing ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, 帮助AG九游会国际的星球产生积极的影响.



    We are constantly reviewing the equipment we use in the bakery to see if there are ways to provide the same quality of product using more energy efficient equipment.



    LED照明是一种强大的节能装置. AG九游会国际致力于在所有新开的面包店中使用LED, 到2025年,将所有AG九游会面包坊的照明设备全部更换.



    您可以在参与的AG九游会面包面包店购买可重复使用的面包袋. 对于每一个购买, $1 will be donated to Breakfast Club of 加拿大 to support a country where all children can access the nourishment they need to succeed.



    Many of our bakeries are in shopping centres with central waste management facilities. We encourage both our Landlords and our franchise partners to recycle by communicating our sustainability goals.
  • 你的包装可回收吗?

    AG九游会国际的目标是到2025年AG九游会国际的面包店只提供可回收包装. AG九游会国际定期检查包装,寻找改进的机会, 并要求AG九游会国际的供应商合作伙伴帮助AG九游会国际实现这一目标.
    Please consult your local municipality for recycling information since recycling varies from region to region but please take a moment to review how to recycle our current packaging.



    AG九游会国际的蜡纸, the baking cups on our Cinnamon Buns and the molds we use to bake our Brioche are compostable.



    We use #4 LDPE Low-density Polyethylene bags and #5 PP Polypropylene bags in our bakeries. Please consult your local municipality for recycling information about these bags.



    AG九游会国际的纸袋是可回收的, 或者当食物被污染时可分解, 然而, 请取出并丢弃法棍面包袋中的BOPP塑料薄膜.



    Our boxes are made from recycled fibre and can be recycled 或者当食物被污染时可分解, 然而, please remove and discard the BOPP plastic film that is on the windowed boxes.
  • 如果我的网上订单缺少项目,我应该联系谁??

    If your order is missing an item, please call the bakery that you’ve ordered from. Your bakery’s phone number can be found at the bottom of your order confirmation email, 或者你可以在网上找到面包店的电话号码 面包店的位置页面.

  • 如何取消网上订购?

    请给你订购的面包店打个电话. Your 当地的面包店’s phone number can be found at the bottom of your order confirmation email, 或者你可以在网上找到面包店的电话号码 面包店的位置页面.

  • 我不小心点错了面包店. 我如何将我的订单切换到我喜欢的面包店?

    请打电话给你原来订的面包店, 他们会取消并退款. You will then need to re-submit your order at your preferred bakery location.

  • 我如何要求退款我的网上订购?

    请给你订购的面包店打个电话. Your 当地的面包店’s phone number can be found at the bottom of your order confirmation email, 或者你可以在网上找到面包店的电话号码 面包店的位置页面. It may take up to 3 business days for the refund to appear on your online bank statement.

  • 为什么点击上没有我最喜欢的产品 & 收集网站?

    AG九游会国际在点击上提供AG九游会最喜欢的项目的选择 & 所有面包店都能买到. AG九游会国际正在努力扩大AG九游会国际的在线产品提供点击 & 收集包括您最喜欢的本地产品. 请继续关注AG九游会国际的扩展在线菜单上的更多更新! 与此同时, drop by your local AG九游会 to continue purchasing your local faves.

  • 对于网上订单,您接受哪些付款方式?


  • 我的网上订单付款没有通过

    目前,AG九游会国际接受Visa, MasterCard, Amex和Visa Debit. AG九游会国际正在努力引入更多的支付方式. 与此同时, please try re-entering your credit card information and ensure that your information is entered accurately.

  • 我没有手机号码,只有座机号码. 我还可以在网上订购吗?

    是的! 如果您没有手机号码来创建帐户, you can order online as a Guest using your landline number and email address. Please ensure you have access to an email address to receive your order confirmation email.

  • 我试图寻找我最近的面包店,但它没有出现在点击 & 收集网站.

    AG九游会国际正在努力让AG九游会国际所有的面包店都在点击上发布 & 收集. 如果您当地的面包店目前不提供点击 & 收货,马上就到!